Backyard_GardeningWould you like to grow your own fruits and vegetables, give some to friends, or sell your surplus at a farmer’s market? Let us show you how to get started! Please e-mail or call (850) 590-2277, for more information.


Who should attend?

  • Home makers
  • Backyard gardeners
  • Urban growers
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about growing your own food

Topics include:

  • Planning your backyard garden
  • Soil texture and composition
  • Composting
  • Adding trees to your garden
  •  Container gardening
  • Seedling preparation
  • Mulching
  • Companion planting
  • Crop rotation
  • Harvesting and post harvesting practices
  • Ideal planting dates for selected fruits and vegetables
  • Selling at the farmers’ market

You will also receive:

  • Training materials
  • Comprehensive list of resources
  • Certificate of Completion

Date, time & place: 

  • Offered as needed