Food Stafety on Farm Course 1Food safety is a very important aspect of farm management, whether you are selling directly to consumers, grocery stores, restaurants or food distributors. Reduce contamination risks and loss of income by learning how to create and implement a personalized food safety plan for your farm in this one-day training. Please e-mail or call (850) 590-2277, for more information.

Who should attend?

  • Farmers and ranchers
  • Packing house employees
  • Farm/ranch employees
  • Anyone interested in food safety on the farm

Topics include:

    • The importance of food safety
    • Steps to create a personalized food safety plan for your farm
    • Implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
    • Preparing for a GAP audit
    • Identifying food safety risks and solutions for your farm
    • Conducting food safety mock audits
    • Relationship capital

You will also receive:

  • Training materials
  • A sample food safety plan
  • Comprehensive list of resources
  • A Certificate of Completion

Date, time & place:

  • Offered as needed

If you have more than 5 employees to train, it may be more cost effective and convenient for you to schedule an in-house training at your business. We also provide confidential consultations to help you prepare your personalized food safety plan, or get ready for a GAP Audit. Please e-mail or call (850) 590-2277, for special rates.