Are you dreaming of making and selling your secret-recipe barbecue sauce? Do you have an idea for a food product? This intensive one-day training is crucial in developing a successful food manufacturing business. Offered in partnership with the Food Processing Center at University of Nebraska, the Recipe to Reality seminar provides entrepreneurs with an understanding of key factors to consider when starting a food manufacturing business. Avoid costly mistakes and gain in one day, information that could take months to research on your own! Space is limited, so register today.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals interested in exploring the idea of starting a food business
  • Farmers, ranchers and gardeners considering adding value to your products
  • Chefs or restaurateurs exploring the manufacturing of house specialties
  • Anyone with an idea or concept for a food product

Topics include:

  • Market research and selection – What are your target market options? What is market research and how do you use it?
  • Product and process development  –How do you commercialize your recipe? What are your processing facility options?
  • Packaging and labeling – What are the required elements of a food label? What claims are allowed on food labels?
  • Food regulations and agencies – What agencies govern the food industry? How do the food regulations affect your business?
  • Pricing and cost analysis – How do you determine a competitive price for your product? What other business costs do you need to consider?
  • Product introduction and sales – How do you introduce your product to the marketplace? How do you create sales?
  • Promotional material package  – How do you create your promotional message? What should your promotional package include?
  • Food safety and sanitation – What are the basics of food safety? What are the microbiology concerns for food products?
  • Business structure  – How should you structure your business? How should you protect your business?

You will also receive:

  • Training materials
  • Comprehensive list of resources
  • A Certificate of Completion

Date, time and place: 

  • Offered as needed