AEDI designs and implements educational and cultural exchange programs that foster youth leadership development. Participants develop an appreciation and respect for diversity, while promoting mutual understanding between citizens of the United States and other countries. They experience personal growth, enhance their social skills and achieve academic success. Please e-mail or call (850) 590-2277, for more information.

  • Ag Biz Camp
  • Green Ambassadors
  • Global Ag Student Internship/Tour

Ag Biz Camp
Designed as a youth entrepreneurship program, high school students receive entrepreneurship training. They work in teams to develop a business plan for an agriculture-related product/service. Each team presents their ideas to a group of experienced entrepreneurs and civic leaders. The group voted to have the best business plan receives the Florida Ag Youth Entrepreneur Award. Please e-mail or call (850) 590-2277, for more information.


Green Ambassadors Program 

Green Ambassadors

A Green Ambassador presents a certificate of appreciation to United States Ambassador, Miriam Hughes

The Green Ambassadors Program is a leadership initiative that promotes sustainable living among middle school students. Ambassadors participate in hands-on activities, field trips and tackle real life problems through simulation exercises. They learn about hunger, the food system,  climate crisis,  new technologies in agriculture, construction and energy. Students see how they can make a difference, and share their knowledge with others. Please e-mail or call (850) 590-2277, for more information.


Global Ag Student Internship/Tour

Global Ag Student Internship Tour

International students visiting the Ocala National Forest, Florida

College students experience different cultures through experiential learning, community engagement, field trips, student-to-student interaction, seminars and workshops. Participants learn about the food system and food security by examining the relationships between farmers, ranchers, food processors, academic institutions, government, consumers and other stakeholders. Please e-mail  or call (850) 590-2277, for more information.